Bosom Buddies Products


At the present time, products include backless, strapless bras and a selection of bra cases.  I hope to eventually add to the line of products with an assortment of bra accessories.  Stay tuned!


Bosom Buddies Bras


Bosom Buddies bras are made of a soft, lightweight fabric on the outside and sticky silicone on the inside.  They are non-padded for a natural look and feel.  These bras are strapless and backless and provide amazing lift and support.  They are easy to put on, and they stay on until you take them off!

The bras are not designed to cover the entire breast.  They come in Sizes A, B, C, D, E, and F.  These sizes are not equivalent to regular bra sizes, but they do fit a wide range of women.  The bras are available in beige (nude) and black.  I hope to eventually be able to offer the bras in a range of colours and patterns.

The beauty of these bras, besides the sheer comfort and freedom they provide, is that you can wear backless dresses and tops, or tops with lace in the back or little spaghetti straps.  They also look great under tank tops.  In fact, they look great under everything!

The bras are designed to last a year to two years, depending on the wear and tear.  They are easy to care for:  simply handwash them with a gentle dish soap and rinse under lukewarm water.  Place the bra on a towel to dry overnight and it will be as good as new!

Bosom Buddies Bra Cases


I am very excited about the bra cases which offer beautiful, yet sturdy storage for your underwear needs.  They come in a variety of colours and patterns and clients have told me they are pretty enough to use as purses!

The inside of the bra cases contains a mesh pocket on one side that allows you to store your panties and socks.  The other side is for your bras.  The cases keep everything well-organized and are ideal for storing your underwear so it doesn’t get crushed in your dresser drawer or in your suitcase when you travel.  

You can store up to six or more bras in the bra case.  

These cases also make lovely gifts.